Monday, December 9, 2013

The Benefits of Rolling and Flipping

Everyone likes to watch tumbling.  Running and rolling, jumping and flipping, its a blast.  In martial arts, besides being fun, it is also a practical and important part of your self defense training.  Rolling and flipping teach you how to safely escape joint lock and holds that would otherwise incapacitate you.  You can survive being thrown with little or no trauma.  Its takes some dedicated practice to be proficient, but getting there is quite enjoyable.  Practice safely, step by step and you can savor the journey.  
Rolling and flipping in karate also improves your self defense by teaching you how your body moves in space.  In our daily lives most of us are not being turned upside down very often.  Martial arts rolling and flipping let one experience moving and turning in ways we rarely or never would.  When we think about self defense, we usually think about being attacked by another human, however self defense means protecting yourself.  So if you slip and fall and get hurt, you did not protect yourself.  The break-falls and rolls you learn in HapKiDo karate allow you to land from slips and falls without damage.  Knowing how it feels to be turned upside down spinning gives you the proprioception to stay oriented and aware in the unfortunate event of a car wreck or collapsing building or landslide, etc.
 One of the primary benefits of rolling and flipping that is often overlooked is the health benefits.  Rolling, flipping and tumbling are good for you!  Done properly, the rolls and flips align your spine.  Its like you’re your own chiropractor.  The contact down your back that aligns your spine is like acupressure or massage.  Your own hands can’t do that!  The vibration from the rolls and flips, shakes and stimulates your internal organs; releasing poisons and shaking out fat that is sitting stagnant because that part of your body never gets that kind of stimulation in everyday life.  Even if you workout at the gym, your not getting that kind of stimulation and action in your body cavity.  It really is invaluable  to your well being & longevity.
Get on the mat and go for tumble, you’ll be glad you did!

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