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1 simple technique to lose weight

Hey there,

This one is about one kickboxing technique that can literally tone your entire body.

Just do this one exercise and you're set.



If you're like me - you might get bored with only knowing one technique. I like to switch things up - keep'em alive.

If so, I invite you to come to my kickboxing gym for some killer, fun workouts.

You'll have a ton of fun, make a ton of friends, and get in amazing shape through my kickboxing workout program.

And you'll learn more kickboxing techniques than you can shake a stick at. I like to keep things really different and fun every time you walk in the door :-)

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Now about that technique I promised you

There are literally THOUSANDS of videos out there on kickboxing workouts.

I've gone through a good many of them, and although many will waste your time, this one won't.

It's one technique. And it works your whole body.

Now, the video's in French - but it's very easy to see, and very clear.

Just do exactly as you see in the video. And it's okay to not get it perfect! You'll still get an amazing workout.

Oh, and the video's only 1 minute long. So it's powerful, AND fast.

Here it is:


Cody Foor

Here's the link again to get you started!

Choe's HapKiDo Academy of Duluth
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Choes HaKiDo Birthday Parties

Dear Parent,

Here is what other parents are saying about our Karate Birthday Parties.

"I can't believe my son is still talking about his birthday party!

It's been 2 weeks since our son's birthday party, and he just won't stop talking about how cool it was!  He and the boys had a great time and believe it or not I think we may use you guys for his birthday party next year!  He's already told me that's what he wants!
Thanks for an awesome time!"
-Ann Marie Healy

"Emily felt like she was on top of the world!  It was great"
"Between showing off all the moves she'd learned....slicing the cake with a real sword...and helping her friends learn some basic moves too...Emily felt like she was on top of the world.  I've never seen her smile bigger.
Thanks for a wonderful opportunity.
-Lisa Johnston

"Thanks to your staff I could actually breathe and enjoy myself!"
We've done all kinds of parties for Amanda.  Most of them involve the kids running around like banshees screaming laughing and going crazy.  It's safe to say that I get a good night's sleep after those parties-because I have to run around making sure they don't hurt themselves.

However, your staff was extremely supportive and trustworthy.  I felt like I could really relax, and enjoy myself.  The kids really respect and listen to you guys, which made it very easy on me!  I HIGHLY recommend this to all parents!  You and your child will love it!

Thank You,

-Amanda's Mom

How would you and your child like a party like the ones described above?  Just Click Here or follow the link below to set up your child's party and be ready to have a success story like the parents who wrote above!

See you soon!

Choe's HapKiDo Karate Academy of Martial Arts
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1 food that burns fat while you sleep!


Hope you're having an awesome day :-)

I wanted to help make your day a little better by showing you really easy food-trick.

This will help you burn fat... while you sleep!

It sounds crazy, I know. But just check it out...

First off, the food is cottage cheese. And you want to eat some about an hour or less before you go to bed.

Why cottage cheese? And why an hour before bed?


Cottage cheese takes a long time for your body to break down. It has to really work at it.

When your body breaks down food, it pumps up your metabolism.

When your metabolism is goin' - you burn fat in other parts of your body, too.

So all night long, while you sleep and dream and rest for another day... your metabolism will be going! And you'll be burning fat all over your body!

Now, this isn't going to make you slim and thin over night... But combine this with exercise and healthy eating, and you've got yourself a powerful trick to speed up your results.

Cody Foor

Choe's HapKiDo Karate Academy of Martial Arts
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3 things that kickboxing is NOT

So inspired by the post from the other day, I wanted to
follow up with a few more common misconceptions about kickboxing.

If anything is still holding you back from getting into the fastest
way I've ever seen for losing weight and getting in great shape -
hopefully this post will change all that for you.

It's just so fun that I don't want you to miss out.

The Top 3 Misconceptions about Kickboxing

1. "Kickboxing is just as good as any form of cardio"

Whoa there! No way!

No other program can help you lose up to 15 pounds in 2 weeks.

Seriously. Your friends will stare in amazement when they see how
much weight you lose in such a short period of time.

But that's only if you use kickboxing in the "right way".

Which means you have two choices: figure out that "right way" on
your own. Research different moves, buy exercise videos, etc.

This works for some, but I know a lot of people don't have the time
to sit there and figure it all out.

Which brings us to option #2...

Seek the advice of professionals who have tried every move that's
out there, and know what works for quick results...

And what's a waste of time.

If you're interested in losing up to 15 pounds 2 weeks from today,
click here because you'll really love my program.

We've perfected the "right way" to use kickboxing for maximum
weight loss in minimum time. Took us a bunch of years, but we
finally got it down :-)

2. "Kickboxing is too tough for me!"

Here's the thing...

If you're training to become a professional fighter - then yeah, it
probably is! (Have you seen how hard those guys and gals work?)

But, I assume you don't want to be a pro fighter. I'm guessing you
just want a super fun, high paced workout.

So here's the deal about how "tough" kickboxing is...

Kickboxing is as tough as you want it to be. If you're into intense
workouts - you'll find one. If you're into taking your time, and
going at your own pace - you can do that too.

Just do what feels right for you. Do your best, and slow down when
you reach your limits.

Every time you come back to it, you'll find that your limits get
smaller and smaller, until you can do a full 60 minute workout at
full speed.

3. "It's really easy to get injured with kickboxing"

Quick story about this one...

One of my clients got a severe injury 8 years ago when she was a
professional athlete. For 8 years she couldn't do any kind of
workout because it would upset the injury.

That is, until...

...She came across my program.

This is the only program she's been able to stick to without
bringing back the pain of her injury.

So can kickboxing cause injuries? Absolutely. But then again, you
can twist your ankle walking to your mailbox!

I rarely see injuries. Most of the time, people become stronger and
more flexible so they see less injuries in day-to-day life.

Oh, and about my client I just told you about: now she feels
stronger than ever, and is so happy to be able to work out again.

Till next time,
Choe's HapKiDo Karate Academy of Martial Arts
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p.s. To learn more about my program where you'll lose up to 15
pounds literally 2 weeks from today, then click here to get

1 Amazing Parenting Trick (not what you'd expect…)

A lot of parents express to me that they have trouble enforcing boundaries with their children...

This is very easy to relate to. I mean, who wants to be the bad guy to their kid? You love your kid, and want to be their hero.

Well, here's a solution for you that teaches respect - and doesn't make you the bad guy.

And it's an important one too, because it'll ensure that your kid's self-esteem isn't harmed by discipline either.

Next time your kid does something you don't want him / her to... Scold the behavior. Not your kid.

Never say that your kid was bad... say that the action they took was bad.

See, this teaches the kid that they're still a good person even though they make mistakes.

And it teaches them that you don't think there's anything wrong with them... Just with the things they sometimes do.

So instead of saying, "Bad, Johnny!" Or "Johnny, how could you do that??"

Say, "That was a bad thing you did, Johnny. Do you understand why?" Then your kid separates his actions from who he is. And his self-esteem won't be harmed in any way, shape, or form.

Also, if your child doesn't understand why their actions were bad... explain it to them in a very clear, calm way.

Kids can reason a lot better than we give them credit for.

Take a look at our kids schedule. Most parents get their kids to our classes at least once per week. 

Here's the link -

It can really make a difference!


Choe's HapKiDo Karate Academy of Martial Arts
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Show me your Game Face!


Hope your day is going extremely well :-)

I wanted to share a fitness tip with you that might get you better results than anything else you've tried.

It's called a "game face".

A "game face" is that look you sometimes see in someone's eyes when they mean business. If that person says they're gonna go climb Everest - you know they really are.

Or if that person says they're gonna lose every pound they have to lose - you can see in their eyes that they're really going to.

Do you have a game face?

How serious are you about your health and your body? Do you want to get in shape because the media says it's good for you? Or do you have a deeper, more burning reason?

Find your reason.

Before committing to a life of health and fitness, find "why"you really want to. Do some soul searching.

Because if from your soul to your skin you're determined to get in shape - NOTHING WILL GET IN YOUR WAY.

That's the way it works. I see it every day with my kickboxing members.

The ones with that "look" in their eyes like they really want it always get it. The others might get there, but if they haven't found their "why" then there's a good chance they'll drop off the program and go back to an unhealthy lifestyle.
So what's your "why?"

What's your burning desire? Write it down, stick it to your bathroom mirror, and recite it every day.

Do that for just 2 weeks and I guarantee it'll change your life.

Committed to your success,

Choe's HapKiDo

PS - my crazy kickboxing deal is still up on the website, but I'm
almost out of f.ree gloves.  Click here to get started today!

Choe's HapKiDo Karate Academy of Martial Arts
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