Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Martial Arts are still Secret!

I remember growing up, watching Kung Fu theater.  All of the Masters with their secret techniques.  The hidden and forbidden styles.  The trials and tribulations the aspiring students had to endure for precious drops of knowledge and understanding.  When I began my personal journey in the martial arts, it was still very much like those movies.  Dedication, pain, 110% effort where the price for "real" understanding and depth of knowledge.  I was fortunate enough to find a true Grandmaster.  Video cameras weren't allowed at events because other masters would send spies to steal our techniques.  It was the last Golden Years of "Old School", and I loved every drop.
Then came the internet, with video sites and all of this information was suddenly anywhere and everywhere for any poser or wannabe.  The amount of potential knowledge is staggering.  Demonstrations and teaching,  every style, all of these moves.  At first I thought the mystery and secret, mystic knowledge was lost, pearls before swine.  As I continued teaching and learning, I began to realize something.  People were getting lost in this sea of information.  They wanted something REAL.
A real Grandmaster, a human teacher.  Someone to ask questions to and give feedback.  To exchange energy as only living creatures can.  I realized, that just like the "what just happened, OMG" twisting techniques I love, martial arts had taken this momentum and turned it back on itself.  The REAL SECRET stuff is still out there, and still protected from those who would not honor the commitment, integrity and friendship it takes to Walk the Path. The internet and its resources are wonderful tools, revolutionizing how we share and connect.  More people than ever can benefit from the Martial Arts, still need a Real Teacher, Real Friends and Real Heart to Really Learn.

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