Monday, April 28, 2014

Essence & Spirit of Martial Arts: Part 3

Welcome to the Essence & Spirit of Martial Arts Part 3!  The qualities for Orange Belt are Sincerity and Friendship.  We'll start with Sincerity.  Our handbook defines sincerity as "honesty of mind".  This means that you need to believe it.  You need to believe what your saying is true so that others believe what your saying is true.  If you are teaching something, especially about philosophy or character development, you need to believe in it and understand it inside yourself.  If you tell someone to be good, you must believe and know inside that it is good.  Be honest with yourself about what your doing and teaching.  This is a do as I do word.  There has to be this self honesty in not just your words, but in your actions and behavior as well.  Sincerity is essential in friendship.  You can't have a positive healthy relationship based on falsity.  If one or both parties aren't honest with themselves, how can they be honest with others.  Honesty of mind is essential in all our relationships; our relationship with ourselves, with others, even our relationship with things.  To live our best life here in Duluth, GA or wherever we may roam, the virtue of Sincerity is indispensable.

The 2nd term for Orange Belt is Friendship.  We define Friendship in our handbook as "one attached to another by affection".  Ask most kids what makes a friend and they say "someone who is nice to you and plays with you."  I can't do better than that.  I've always been told and continue to hear that you can't make through life without one true friend, or if you have one real friend you are lucky.   Humans need each other.  We have to have other humans to share this experience with.  Someone to relate to and be happy to see.  As a base and a tuning fork and a mirror.  Someone to be nice to us and play with us.  It is universal to know the affection of friendship, but hard to describe in words something so magical and essential.  Don't take your friendships for granted, treasure them.  Participate in your friendships, make sure you are being nice and playing what your friends want to play.  Be grateful for your friends!

Choe's HapKiDo Karate of Duluth

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