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Women's Self Defense

Women's Self Defense

There's a lot more to Self Defense, and "Women's Self Defense" than carrying pepper spray or learning a kick to the groin.  In this blog we'll review some of the key areas to consider in Women's Self Defense and self defense in general.

Awareness -- arguably the most important aspect of self defense.
  • In general, BE AWARE.  Pay attention to what's going on, especially when your not in your safe zone.
  • Be aware of the Area your in.  Is it a bad neighborhood?  Are there lights out and dark areas?  Do you have an escape route?
  • Be aware of People.  Groups of "trouble types", nervous, glancing, weird staring.  Use your inner Creep radar.
 Preparation – No one wants or expects trouble but its just wise to be optimally forearmed,  especially if you are out and especially by yourself.
  • Do not convey prey, have purpose and confidence in your demeanor, predators want easy prey.
  • When on the walk to the car, door, etc., have keys already ready, don’t dig in purse or pocket at last minute or be distracted target out in the open.
  • Use the buddy and group system, have common sense when going out, especially to risky areas (night clubs, late movies etc.).
  • Have a good path – Avoid the dangerous group on the corner (cross the street, etc.), don’t take the dark shortcut, stay in well lighted main areas whenever possible (on foot & in car).
  • Take care of and empower yourself – 
    1. Exercise (in general) 
    2. Take a martial art class
    3. Participate in a sport
    4. Take a firearms training class
    5. Have some pepper spray/weapon  
    6. Keep your voice strong (karaoke, sing in choir/band/home)
    7. Research new area before going 
    8. Know how you can move in the clothes your wearing
    9. Let someone know your itinerary
Techniques - Following are some general areas to develop to increase your self defense knowledge and power.

  • Get in shape ( at least basic fitness:  can walk fast or run short distance to escape and have the strength to resist)
  • Yell or scream power
  • Weapon – pepper spray, keys, kubaton, Black Tiger Method (pen, rolled up magazine, bottle, make up, hairspray, phone, `etc)
  • Self Defense moves 
This is a simple outline, but hopefully it encourages some positive actions and ideas for your safety and confidence.

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  1. Nice article! Being aware is very important. Listening to music, talking on a phone, etc., will be a huge distraction (less aware of the surrounding) when you are walking alone in a street and makes you an easy target.